I am a visual artists working and living in West Midlands. I also undertake a BA Fine Art at Coventry University.
My practice travels and evolves around painting, photography, film, sound and live performance. The subject of my work is often dedicated to the methods in which I can physically document the time or allow my art to play an active part in it. My works often dwell about the inseparable aspects of time such as the events of everyday life well as the perception of changes and their attribute to time documentation.

My interests lie in exploring the differences in between the impacts of different mediums. I am intrigued in the relationship between an artist, an artwork and the audience. Recently, I have been highly absorbed in developing my body of work consisting out of live sound performances. The audience's reaction to the sound plays a significant role within my work as it determines the notion of the live act. I use sound as a tool to create an aura in which space and the audience have an opportunity to unite.